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Look no further for articles, resources and more to help you navigate the ins and outs of building and renovating an energy efficient home.


The more qualified and skilled a builder’s team, the better their builds. We encourage Builders and Renovators from all over the Province to take our training, levelling-up the energy-efficiency, quality, and appeal they’re able to offer homeowners.

Trained and licensed energy advisors help builders identify which designation makes the most sense for their business — ENERGY STAR® for New Homes, R-2000, Net Zero Ready, or Net Zero. Here’s a list of service organizations marshalled by Natural Resources Canada who can consult with you on the best path forward.

Following is a quick summary of what’s required for builders to be listed on the Energy-Efficient Registry.


Provide third-party warranty on all new homes


Carry a minimum of $2 million dollars in liability insurance coverage


Adhere to the regulations, legislation, and workplace safety policies of WorkSafe NB


Have a business number with Revenue Canada, and collect and remit the appropriate HST to CRA


Have a business number with Revenue Canada, and collect and remit the appropriate employee benefits to CRA


Commit to obtaining building permits for new home construction


Provide written contracts for all work performed


Complete and submit your Registered Energy Efficient Builder Registry Application to the Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick


Successfully complete the 4-day Building Science Workshop


Successfully complete the current National Building Code Course or update


Build and certify an ENERGY STAR® Home, an R-2000 Home, a Net Zero Ready Home, and a Net Zero Home

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