With every year, we learn and experiment to improve the efficiency of high-performance builds that endure. We’ve designed the Energy Efficient Builder program in this spirit of constant evolution and cutting-edge science.


Our community of New Brunswick builders have been credited with building some of the most energy-efficient homes in Canada, as well as more per capita than any other province in Canada. We’re proud of the quality and ingenuity of our collective. It’s put us at the very top of the field, and we continue working to keep us all energized and working at our best.


We’ve delivered Natural Resources Canada’s Energy Efficiency Programs for almost four decades, providing training to hundreds of builders and consumers on the newest methods of home construction and renovation. The genius and commitment of our builders has tested and proven the framework for today’s energy efficiency. We are your source, your cheering squad, and your representative voice. We are the Canadian Home Builders’ Association New Brunswick (CHBA-NB), and we’re excited to help you elevate your business.

The Energy-Efficient Builder’s Registry equips our province’s best with the latest methods, tools, and construction technology. Here’s how.

  • We begin with the CHBA-NB’s 4-Day Building Science Workshop, which includes online or in-person training and exams for R-2000, ENERGY STAR®, and Net Zero.

  • Once you’ve completed the training, we enrol you in the Registry.

  • Complete the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) – Part 9 for Residential Buildings course most recently adopted by the Province.

  • There are a few distinct paths to energy-efficient certification —ENERGY STAR®, R-2000, or Net Zero. A Licensed Service Organization can help you choose which is the best fit, complete a final inspection, submit the prescribed documents to Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), and seek Certification.

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The Government of Canada has called for all homes built by 2030 to be Net Zero Ready and Net Zero by 2050. Are you ready for this monumental shift in construction?

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We’ll train you to be ready for the changes coming in 2030. Begin here to get listed on the Energy Efficient Builder Registry and connect to proactive consumers.


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