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This Workshop Will Be Delivered Via Teams or ZOOM Videoconferencing

Cost of Workshop

Cost of Workshop

Free for New Brunswick Builders & Renovators, Energy Advisors & First Nations

$300 + HST for CHBA Members (Non- REEB Builders/Renovators)

$375 + HST for non-members (Non-REEB Builders/Renovators)

The Standard for Energy Efficiency in New Construction

R-2000 is a voluntary standard developed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) in collaboration with Canada's residential construction industry.

R-2000 promotes the use of affordable, energy-efficient building practices and techniques, clean air features, and other measures to help protect the environment. Certified R-2000 homes are on average 50% more energy-efficient than typical new homes.


Become a Licensed R-2000 Builder

You must be licensed by the Government of Canada to qualify as an R-2000 Builder and to apply to have your homes R-2000 certified. Join the hundreds of builders Canada-wide who stand behind the R-2000 Brand as a sign of credibility, professionalism, and demonstration of your knowledge of building excellence. R-2000 Builders are revered as experts in Energy Efficient Home Construction. The Government of Canada certifies R-2000 Homes as the best in class and is a great stepping stone as we move to Net Zero Home Construction.

Follow these steps to get your R-2000 Builders’ License:

  1. Attend an R-2000 builder workshop delivered across Canada by professional trainers, like those of CHBA New Brunswick. The workshop covers the standard’s technical requirements, including barrier systems, air-sealing techniques, and mechanical systems. You will also learn about the R-2000 quality assurance process.

  2. Build an R-2000 demonstration home. The home must be built, inspected by a third-party energy advisor, and certified by the Government of Canada within two years of completing the builder workshop.

  3. Sign a licensing agreement with NRCan once these requirements are fulfilled.


To Remain Licensed you Must:

  • Continue to meet all licensing requirements and have an active, up-to-date licensing agreement with NRCan.

  • Build at least one R-2000 certified house every three years.

  • Attend the R-2000 builder update workshop every two years.


The Benefits of Licensing

Innovation — Build your homes using leading-edge technologies.

Leadership — Stay a step ahead of building codes and get recognition as a best-in-class builder who is helping to transform the housing market in Canada.

Quality — Build to a respected standard that offers your clients third-party verification by an energy advisor and provides them with an R-2000 certificate issued by the Government of Canada.

Marketability — Appeal to value- and environmentally conscious consumers with homes that are 50 percent more energy efficient than many other new homes.

Professional support — Access more than 35 years of energy efficiency R&D in new construction, as well as ongoing training in building science.


What does the ENERGY STAR Standard specify?

Developed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), the ENERGY STAR for New Homes Standard (ESNH) outlines the technical requirements that a home must meet in order to be awarded the ENERGY STAR energy efficiency label. 

The main objective of the Standard is for a home to be, on average, approximately 20% more efficient than one built to local building codes, based on space and water heating. The ENERGY STAR for New Homes Standard is updated as regional building codes change. When the building code changes in your province or territory, there is a build-out period during which some builders may build to the previous Standard while others comply with the new Standard. Because of this, there may be periods when homes built are 20% more energy-efficient than the previous building code, but not necessarily 20% more efficient than the new building code.

This is your chance to become a Licensed Energy Star and/or R-2000 Builder.



Lauren Lipka, Energy Efficiency Manager, Trainer, and Consultant CHBA-NB

This Workshop is Sponsored in Part by:

EnerGuide, ENERGY STAR® and R-2000 are official marks of Natural Resources Canada and used with permission. CHBA Net Zero and Net Zero Ready are official marks of the Canadian Home Builders' Association and are used with permission.

Workshop Cancellation Policy

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